The 10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Mesa

What is Marijuana

Marijuana also goes by the name of cannabis. Marijuana is a non-threatening drug that has some psychoactive effects. Marijuana can be smoked, used as an extract, cooked in food, and vaped. In addition, marijuana can be prescribed by a physician and used for medical purposes. Marijuana has also been made legal in many different states to be used for recreational purposes. Two of the main ingredients that are used to make up marijuana are cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol.

The History Of Marijuana Legalization In Arizona

Back in 1996, Arizona approved the use of prescription marijuana for seriously ill and terminally ill patients. Unfortunately, the federal government overturned this law because federal law did not allow marijuana to be prescribed. The state tried again to legalize marijuana back in 2002, but the vote fell short by 8 percent and was denied. In 2010 the legalization of marijuana was brought back to the ballot and a slim margin amongst the voters passed it. The name of the marijuana law passed in Arizona is called the Arizona Medical Marijuana Question or Proposition 203. Although the law was passed in 2010, 2012 was the first year of the first sales of medical marijuana in Arizona.

The government entity that is responsible for governing proposition 203 is the Arizona Department of Health Services. This agency is also responsible for creating the rules and regulations for the new medical marijuana law and implementing these rules and regulations. The agency also decided the qualifying factors that patients needed to get marijuana prescriptions. As a result, only licensed cannabis dispensaries have the authority to fill these prescriptions.

The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana In Arizona

The recreational marijuana act was passed in 2020, the month of November. This act is known as proposition 207 or the Smart and Safe Act. This new law allowed for any adult over the age of 21 to have the ability to have 28 grams of marijuana on their person. It also allows for individuals to grow up to six cannabis plants within their homes. The new recreational marijuana law also had a positive effect on any marijuana arrests that individuals have experienced. In addition, many criminal records about marijuana were expunged in Arizona with this new passage of proposition 207. The law was passed in November and by January 2021, recreational marijuana sales officially began.

The Best Dispensary Mesa Arizona

Some of the best marijuana dispensaries in the state of Arizona are found in Mesa, Arizona. The ten best marijuana dispensaries for Mesa, Arizona, is listed below:
Arizona Natural Selections of Mesa Dispensary
The Flower Shop
Best Dispensary
Health For Life – Mcdowell
AZ Hemp Health
Territory Dispensary – Mesa
Health for Life – Ellsworth – Medical Cannabis Dispensary
Half Baked Medical

Where Can Marijuana Be Consumed

Individuals who smoke marijuana can only do so in private. This can be inside of a home or office as long as it is not in public. Smoking marijuana in private applies to both medical and recreational users. Individuals who consume marijuana edibles can do so in public in the state of Arizona. Suppose an individual has a prescription to use medical marijuana and they are a resident of a nursing home or any nursing care institution. In that case, the facility can make their guidelines in regards to the consumption of marijuana. However, they cannot reduce the use of marijuana to where it negatively affects the patient. The only way they have the authority to severely limit the use of marijuana for a patient who is prescribed it is if the facility is going to lose benefits or money due to federal regulations.

Arizona fought for many years dating back from 1996, to have legalized medical marijuana for severely and terminally ill patients. Despite the obstacles, proposition 203 was finally passed in 2010. Once medical marijuana became legal in 2020, proposition 207 made it legal for recreational marijuana. This proposition positively affected both the economy and some individuals who obtain any type of marijuana arrest records. This proposition allowed for some of these records to be deleted. Individuals have the right to smoke marijuana in the privacy of their own homes or offices. Nursing home residents also have the right to smoke marijuana within their facility as long as the facility is not affected negatively when it comes to federal guidelines.